Q. My outlet is not working what do I do?

A. First check to see if your outlet is a GFCI outlet; that would mean it has a test and reset button on the outlet. Try pressing the reset button and see if that fixes it. If not, go to your panel and see if a fuse or breaker is tripped. If that doesn’t work then it is time to call us.

Q. My switch is very hot, is it supposed to be that way?

A. If it is a dimmer it may be warm but if it is very hot it could be a defective dimmer or maybe undersized for the wattage that is being used. You might want to shut the power off and replace the dimmer with the proper wattage dimmer. If it is a regular switch, it should not be hot.

Q. My smoke detector is beeping, what could be the problem?

A. If it’s an intermittent chirp it is probably defective and needs to be replaced. If it is a consistent chirp it maybe that the battery needs to be changed. You can consult your owner's manual for your specific detector to see if there certain

Q. Every time I turn on my hair dryer the circuit in the bathroom trips

A. This often happens in older homes where your bathroom outlet is on the same circuit with the lights in the bathroom or possibly another room. In new homes it is a code requirement to run 20AMP circuit for the bathroom outlet alone. You might need a separate circuit installed specifically for your outlet.

Q. My circuit in my kitchen trips almost every day, why?

A. You may have one or two small appliances that are exceeding the amperage of your circuit. You may have to move one appliance to another location in the kitchen to a different circuit. If that doesn’t work you probably need another circuit run to your kitchen. Most homes have at least two circuits or more in the kitchen which is required by code.

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